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fabien maman
Fabien Maman Spiritual Sound Master and Visionary of Tama-Dò® Academy
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"The Way of the Soul"
Tama-Dò® ("The Way of the Soul") is a program of non-invasive healing therapies using Sound, Color and Movement® to nourish the human energy system and aid the body in the recovery of its own balance in health.

The Science behind Tama-Dò®
In 1981, French musician/composer and acupuncturist, Fabien Maman conducted a revolutionary sound/cellular biology experiment showing the impacts of acoustic sound on human cells. He found that through a series of acoustic sounds, healthy cells became vibrant and empowered, and cancer cells exploded.

He also found that when the cells felt a vibratory 'affinity' with a certain note, the cell's aura would transform into a mandala shape of vibrant colors. Maman concluded this was the 'fundamental note' of the cells, and the fact that the cells recognized their note, established the reality of their consciousness.

If sound could wake up cells in a Petri dish, why not the whole Human being, or Humanity itself?

Tama-Dò®, The Academy of Sound, Color and Movement®
In 1987, Fabien Maman created Tama-Do® Academy, dedicated to the evolution of Human consciousness through research, teachings and creativity. For nearly 30 years he has created research adn practical applications using Sound, Color and Movement® and Harmonizing Seasonal Concerts® to balance the body, mind and spirit through the subtle energy fields (aura).

Tama-Dò®, Vibrational Therapies
Each Tama-Do® technique emphasizes the use of natural elements to ground the Soul in daily life. We believe that acoustic sound, pure color and Chi movement are the most effective tools we can use to dissolve negative energetic patterns and enhance healing and harmony.

On a physical level, Tama-Do® techniques help the body to engage in its own unique ability to heal. On the emotional and mental levels, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety. And on a more subtle level, Tama-Do® brings the individual into a state of deep peace and awareness, knowing that they are indeed one, in resonance, with the Universe.

Sound - Acupuncture with Tuning Forks
Based on Chinese medicine, we use tuning forks and color lights on acupuncture command points. It's faster and more effective than needles - with no pain.

Excellent for physical health problems and chronic fatigue. Sessions help you to feel vibrant and alive again in your physical body.

Color - Chakra and Auric Balancing
We use pure color lights, Rainbow Color Silks® and Rainbow Etheric Essences® to balance the chakras and subtle energy fields (aura). The spiritual messages from the Color Rays help us to connect with our higher selves, leading us to greater Self expression of our inner Light - our Soul.

Movement - Tao Yin Fa
We offer Chi movemnt to ground into our physical bodies. Qi Gong helps us to stay 'in-tune.' We feel strength vitality, and a lightness of being - helping us to see each new day as the miracle that it is.

"We are all blessed. We are all LIght." Love and Light,
~ Fabien Maman, Tama-Do Academy 2007

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