The perfect practitioner
The perfect client
The perfect modality
The perfect place
The perfect time
Then the miracles can happen...

No one can control all those conditions, but as we come from our hearts with the intention that  healing may occur, we may find that we connect to the perfection of life and the miracles. 
At Tamo-Do Long Beach, we provide the keys to physical, emotional, and spiritual strengths that help put and keep you in healthy balance, helping to guide you to your fulfillment, no matter what challenges you encounter.

We do not rely on a one-sided support system.  Complimentary and Western modalities work together to ensure the health of the client. The ultimate goal is to empower both the client and the clinician with the awareness of our unlimited potential for healing.

Through the traditional medicines (Asian, Ayurvedic, American Indian) and Western technology we can support and guide clients past the "band-aid" mentality of health and wellness.

In the future, we will connect to world wide facilitators of the healing arts. We are all students of life and we will learn from each other and the Universe as we walk our soul path.

At a time when everything is changing around us, the best investment anyone can make is in their own physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

It will make a difference for the present and for the future.....


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